M6 junction 10 at dusk

I was born in 1979 and my earliest motoring memories include throwing up in my Dad’s Rover SD1 and the unfeasibly long gearstick on my Mum’s purple Maxi.  I’ve had my head buried in magazines since.

Mate a desire to write and a love of anything motorised and you get the Hard Shoulder blog.  What better way to while away my spare time than to write about motors and the motor industry as I see it from my own perspective, and by analysing the latest industry gossip.

It’s a fascinating arena, constantly changing, witnessing masterstrokes by the odd genius or two and outrageous pratfalls by others.  The industry has to constantly evolve to stay profitable and stay one step ahead of meddling rule-makers, so what better vantage point than to sit here and absorb it.

I also own and operate a vehicle valeting business which allows me to get up close and personal with most cars on the road, thus shattering many a claim of boastful marketing departments, and discovering other gems that are foolishly under-valued.  Another bi-product of the day job is spending many hours on the road each week, witnessing motoring trends, fashions and most importantly, driving attitudes.

Enough to provide an endless supply of material…


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