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Think, biker!


I’ve becoming increasingly irked this month by the manner in which the majority of bikers treat other road users.  It’s been said before, followed by mass denial by bikers, but it would appear that speed limits and driving etiquette simply don’t apply if you’re straddling a fuel tank.

I’ve never ridden a motorbike, except for my mate’s scooter, and that doesn’t really count.  So I can’t comment apparently.  That’s what I’ve been told.

Imagine the scenario, which you will have witnessed at some point, of a motorway steadily flowing in all three lanes.  A motorbike appears in lane 3, undertakes to lane 2, overtakes between lane 2 and 3, then swerves into lane 1, floors it up to about 100mph, and continues weaving.  A motorist checks their left hand mirror, indicates and moves over back into lane 1 after a safe gradual overtake.  Said motorbike suddenly appears in lane 1 alongside, travelling about 30mph faster having undertaken all lanes.  Rider furiously gesticulates with his right arm at the audacity of the driver who did everything right, only to be greeted by a bike undertaking well over the limit.  Rider accelerates back up to 100mph shaking his head for a quarter of a mile.

It deeply angers me.

I’m not anti-bike by any stretch and acknowledge the motorbike as a machine unrivalled for thrills and speed, and the skill required to ride them well, but what’s with the complete lack of respect for others?  Ask a biker what the biggest risk is on the road to them and they’ll immediately cite ‘the driver who doesn’t look’.  True, many drivers have little awareness, but why on earth should car drivers in general keep their eyes glued to their mirrors to placate the wild actions of bikers who break most motoring laws on every journey?  Deep arrogance.

Or put it another way; when did you last see a biker content to progress with the flow of traffic?

Maybe one day I’ll get on a bike and see for myself.  Or maybe I won’t.  Couldn’t trust myself.